Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tap the IT Boom to your advantage...

There is no denying that Information Technology is the future. Everyone knows the fact that internet can give your business a boom. Most of the new millionaires and billionaires have used IT to rise to the top. Take the example of Bill Gates or Google guys. Sadly, the computer literacy rate in India is less than 5%. The total population of india is about 1.136 billion. Soon, there would be computers everywhere. All the government procedures, all bank services, etc. would be computerised soon. At the same time, millions of people wont be able to use those features as they are computer illiterate. How many of us even know how to build a decent website? One of the persons who was able to foresee this was the founder of Pvt. Ltd. He used an amazing strategy to tap this potential market - teaching people how to use the computer. As per his strategy, people can learn a lot about computers through some good quality interactive online based training sessions. Indian clients also get cds for offline content. One can register for such programmes at a nominal charge. The basic fundamental computer courses are given free of cost.

The strategy he used is this. Learn expensive computer courses at a very nominal charge and earn money by introducing those courses to others. The company gives something called binary compensation. In this compensation, u form a binary tree with yourself at the top. Each person can have 2 branches meaning he has to introduce 2 of his friends to take the course. Each of these branches can have 2 more and the tree grows. All a person has to do is introduce 2 people to the course and his job is over. These two may in turn introduce someone else and so on. If you introduce more than 2 people, the third person would be placed at the bottom of the tree. For addition of people, the company gives commision to all persons responsible from the very top of the tree. Please read the information of the business plan at the site

I had attended a seminar attended by such associates who had claimed to have introduced some friends some 17 months ago and with the profits, purchased cars like scoda octavia. I researched about this ebiz and found this was a genuine company. The company site is The company doesnt do any advertisement and saves its money and it distributes this money to people who do the actual job of finding clients. I thought I would give it a shot. Anyways, the business part is optional. You could opt for the course which contains 33 different computer courses and it keeps on updated. I was surprised that it actually gives you cheques every week for joinees. You can keep track of how many people are under you! And money flows without your having to do much work.

There is a catch though. An associate has to complete at least 3 courses of the 33 and give a quiz before one year. This is done to ensure this is not taken as a purely business activity. The associate has to even help a poor child /person to learn one of the free fundamental computer course.

The course list is given below
  • Computer Fundamental
  • Introduction to Internet Surfing
  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME / XP
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Hardware
  • Visual Basic
  • C Language
  • Microsoft Access
  • C++ An Object Oriented Language
  • SQL A Database Language
  • FORTRAN A Computational Programming Language
  • Microsoft Front Page
  • HTML A Hypertext Markup Language
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Tally
  • PageMaker
  • Core Java
  • DOS
  • Java Server Page(JSP)
  • JavaScript
  • Networking
  • CSS
  • XML
  • MySql
  • XSL
  • DTD
  • Tally 8.1
Plus you get 35 Mb of web space where you can host your site and a professional email address.
The entire package is for Rs. 7585/-
One cannot purchase the course without a referer. (I can be a referer if you are interested). You can evaluate the course for 30 days for free without payment. But the DD should reach within 40 days from registration.

My Plan

Lets tap the potential of the Internet. I can be your referer. Just mail me at and I will send you a user id and distributor Id. Once you register, just send me your user id and distributor Id. For the next mail which I get, I would give your user id and distributor Id as a referer. This way, your tree will continue growing and indirectly my tree would grow and you would be helping spread of IT based knowledge all around the world plus getting money for that! Think about it. Its not a bad investment, even if you get some free extra money per month, its worth it... You are learning too!

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